About Me

Hi there and welcome to the home of Project Smoked. Yes, this is the place where our passion for smoking meat and owning the best BBQ smoker comes to life!

My name is Gerry. My passion for smoking meat started well before I could operate a barbeque smoker myself, let alone owned one. I was just a little boy running around the farm watching my father create the most delicious and succulent smoked meat ever. My father was a genius when it comes to meat and I am proud to say, his passion rubbed off on me!

“How could you even resist the smell of the BBQ and the smoking meat? It is truly impossible!” – James Morris.

Project Smoked Mission

The mission for Project Smoked is simple! In order to make a world a better place, we must have more smoked meat! This is no joke, haha… Life is better with a succulent piece of meat on your fork!

I have created this website in order to spread the love for smoking meat and to advise you good people as to which is the best offset smoker on the market today and the best suitable one for your needs. The more of us out there the better!

Thank you and get smoking!