Char Griller 5650 vs 5050

Char Griller 5650 vs 5050 – Which is Better to Buy?

Char Griller, a well-known brand that most people will consider when looking for the perfect grill for outdoor cooking. Among their many models, the Char Griller 5650 and 5050 have been top-rated options. However, there are a few differences between the char griller 5650 vs 5050 that you need to know before choosing one over the other.

In this article, the purpose is to find out whether there is a better product between the two models. 

Char Griller stands by its promise that you will get consistent quality and durability with each of their products. I have not been disappointed with any of their products yet, so this study is going to be interesting. The findings will also help you to make an informed decision on whether the 5050 model or the 5650 model is a better choice for you.

Char Griller 5650 vs 5050 comparison

Char Griller is a brand that deals in making pieces of equipment for outdoor cooking activities and anything related to it. The product lines they offer are grills and smokers, accessories for your grills and smokers, and parts for the same. Before we get into the comparison, here's a quick look at both the models:

Char Griller Double Play Gas and Charcoal Grill 5650 Review

If you want a grill that can nail both quick cooks and slow grills, the Char Griller Double Play Gas and Charcoal Grill 5650 might just be the perfect grill for you. It is sometimes difficult to use only one type of fuel for two cuts of meat. 

The perfect slab of meat requires specific conditions to come out as it should. Since you can use both charcoal and gas as fuel, you will not have to worry about conflicting requirements. On top of this, you will not need to buy two separate grills with two different fuel needs.

This grill comes with its own astray, which you can easily clean without making a mess. The iron grates are sure to give your meat that perfect grill mark and retain heat for a long time. Some heat gauges in other brands tend to spoil easily, but with the stainless steel heat gauges on the Char-Griller Double Play 5650, you will not have to worry about it.

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Char Griller Duo 5050 Gas and Charcoal Grill overview

The Char Griller Duo 5050 Gas and Charcoal Grill is a similar product that can use both gas and charcoal as fuel. When you need a quick cook on those days when you are in a hurry, you can pop your meat and other food on and turn on the gas. The gas option will cook your food quickly, and you will be good to go.

On other days, you might have a lot of free time and feel like a good slow-smoked cut of meat will be perfect. Such an occasion will call for the reliable charcoal slow and low grill to get perfectly cooked meat on your plate.

Thanks to the heavy-duty steel material of the grill body, you will not need to worry about replacing it anytime soon. It also has a substantial cooking capacity that can hold and prepare up to 50 burgers at one go. The iron grates have a porcelain coating to give them a non-stick property.

Now let us get into the comparisons based on their features and abilities:

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Are there any differences in the Build & Design? 

The Double Play 5650 comes with a gas grill box, a charcoal grill box, and a side burner of 12000 BTU. The gas part has two vents, while the charcoal part comes with one vent. The Duo 5050 also has a similar build with one gas grill box, one charcoal grill box, and one side burner. Both the thermal units are 40800 BTU maximum output.

The dimensions of 5650 are 65 inches in length, 27 inches in width, and 50 inches in height. As for the Duo 5050, the height is slightly shorter with a 49-inch height. Its width is an inch longer, which is 28 inches. But similarly, the length is the same as the 5650 of 64 inches. These dimensions are for the fully assembled gas and charcoal grill.

body of the grills

The manufacturers have made both of the grills using heavy-duty steel construction techniques and porcelain-coated cast-iron grates to give you that authentic grill mark look. 

The difference comes in the form of a powder-coated finish. So while the 5650 has a powder-coated finish to its body, the 5050 does not come with this detail. Also, the Double Plat 5650 has stainless steel heat gauge.

Cooking capacity of the grills 

Cooking Capacity

By capacity, we mean how much meat or food we can place on the grill grates. The bigger the cooking surface a grill provides, the greater its capacity. There is no difference here when it comes to the Double Play 5650 and Duo 5050. They both have a total cook area of 1260 square inches and a primary cooking area of 876 square inches.

If you want to buy a large capacity grill, purchasing either of them will be fine. There is only a slight difference in the dimensions, as mentioned earlier. This fact is the reason why they have the same capacity. If you can cook 50 burgers in the Duo 5050, you can do the same in the Double Play 5650.

weight and portability

The weight of the grills may determine how easy it will be for you to move them around. There is a very slight difference between the weight of the two models. While the Char Griller Double Play 5650 weighs 162 pounds, the Duo 5050 weighs a total of 168 pounds.

While 6 pounds may seem like a small difference, it will have a considerable impact on its portability. After all, you can't just increase your strength to carry an extra six pounds. Regardless of which one is lighter and which one is heavier, 162 and 168 pounds are not light at all. 

As a result, the portability of both the grills decline. However, the brand has made sure to make your work easier by placing two wheels on both of them to make transportation easier.

Ease of cleaning 

Both the 5050 and 5650 have a feature called the Easy Dump Ash Pan. This feature makes it easy for you and I to clean it out after use. Some grills come with no ash pan, making it very difficult to clean it. You might have to remove everything just to clear out the ash.

But with the Double Play 5650 and Duo 5050, all you have to do is slide out the East Dump Ash Pan and throw the ash away.


The price of a grill has a lot of influence on your choice. If the price fits into your budget, you will buy it. But if it does not fall into your price range, you will not be able to buy it even if you want to.

The price of the Double Play 5650 and Duo 5050 are the same. If you want a cheaper one, you will have to go for another model instead of Char Griller 5650 and 5050.

Pros of the 5650 model

  • It is easily portable
  • It can cook any type of meal efficiently 
  • It has a large capacity
  • Ideal for a slow and low cooking session 
  • Heat does not fluctuate regardless of the weather outside.

Cons OF THE 5650 MODEL

  • Not easy to set this grill up
  • The body and lid may get very hot on high heat.

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Pros of the 5050 model

  • You can fit many cuts of meat on the iron grates
  • Efficient gas usage 
  • You can use it for both slow cooks and quick meals
  • Works well even after many uses

Cons OF THE 5050 MODEL

  • Some problems with rusting surfaces 
  • The button to shut off the gas is difficult to reach

What are the main differences between the Char Griller 5650 vs 5050 model?

There are not a lot of differences between the CharGriller Double Play 5650 and the Duo 5050. However, there are some features that the Char Griller 5650 has that the 5050 does not. Some of these features are dual gas smokestacks, compatible side firebox, powder coating finish, and stainless steel heat gauge.

The weight of 5650 is only 162 pounds whereas the weight of 5050 is 168 pounds. The height of the Duo 5050 is shorter than the Double Play 5650. Width of 5650 is 27 inches, and for 5050, it is 28 inches.


As there are very few differences between the two models, it is difficult to pick which one is better. However, for the same price, the Double Play 5650 comes with more features, so it will always be a good idea to go for that option.