Weber Spirit vs Genesis

Weber Spirit vs Genesis – Which model is better to get?

Summer is on the way and you know what this means...  It's time to finalize on your decision to get a Weber Spirit or Genesis Grill!

But which should you choose? To help you decide on the one to get we compared the Weber Spirit vs Genesis  so it will be a lot easier to make your decision. We've also included a list of the best models from the Spirit and Genesis lineups.


Weber is the premier manufacturer of electric, charcoal, and gas grills.  The founder of Weber grills started out with his revolutionary charcoal kettle grill in 1952 and the rest is history.  Both the Spirit and Genesis are gas grills, with some things in common and some differences. There isn't really a need to over complicate things as whichever you choose to get will be a good buy. And it will really come down to some features and how much you want to spend.

But nonetheless we will cover all the necessary points that will help you make the right decision so you can get them steaks or burgers grilling for your first barbeque of the season.

Weber Spirit vs Genesis Comparison

Both of these are from Weber, gas grills, and considered ‘twinsies’ but there are difference between Weber spirit and genesis, which we will cover in this article.  The Weber Genesis and Spirit are a series of grill and each has dozens of grills in their series that are suited for different people’s needs. Most likely you would've already heard about a few of them such as the Weber Spirit e-310 or e 330 , Weber Genesis E 310, Weber Spirit II or even the Weber Genesis II.

Spirit—this grill is a very popular line and covers many different points that will fill everyone’s needs.  They have grates that enamel cast iron, has enough room to cook a twenty-pound turkey, with an easy to read fuel gauge, and much more.  There are many models available to choose from.  The one negative is that there is no LP tank included

Genesis—this is the Weber brand workhorse and is the product that is designed to meet the needs o the average family.  It has a budget-friendly price with all the popular features such as a warming-rack along with Flavorizer bars that you can find under the grate.  It is a top-quality gas grill.

Basic differences Between Weber Genesis vs Spirit

Weber Spirit— this grill has been designed to be a “bare-bones” grill.  The Spirit models are typically cheaper due to that reason. Moreover, in most Spirit grills, the propane tank is visible for all to see.

Weber Genesis— this one is loaded with many features and more advanced with extra features like extra burners, sear stations, and enclosed carts.  On this Weber grill model, there are some metal curtains that hide the propane tank.

Anyone can handle either grill but if you are not sure what features you will and will not use or want, then it is better that you start with the Spirit grill.  The Spirit grill is great for those that are on a budget but still wants a well-made grill.  However, if you want all the features then getting a Genesis model is the way to go. 

Similarities Between weber Spirit And Weber genesis

With the Spirit and Genesis grill models, there are several things that come standard with each grill and neither one is better or worse than the other. So in terms of similarities both models feature Weber's G4S grilling system which includes the following:

  • Infinity ignition for a quick easy light that works in most weather conditions and almost never fails to light
  • Flavorizer bars to deflect grease drippings, prevent flare-ups and add flavor to your food
  • Advanced grease management, which is a grease collection pan that is easy to clean
  • Burners that are upgraded for even consistent temperatures across the cooking area
  • The ability to utilize iGrill 3 technology so you can monitor everything from temperatures to timers on their Weber phone app.
  • Same color options of stainless steel and black and propane or natural gas.
  • They both use the same type of handle
  • Both are backed by Weber’s ten-year warranty

Now that we've gone over both the differences and similarities of the Weber Grills here's a quick look at some of the top models that we always recommend.

Best Weber Spirit and Genesis Models

  1. Weber Genesis II LX E-640
  2. Weber Spirit II E-310 
  3. Weber Spirit II E-210 
  4. Weber Genesis II E-435
  5. Weber Genesis II E-310

You can buy safely if you go with any of the models above and save yourself time.

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Weber Spirit Appearance — this one has a simple lid and a two-wheeled cart, requiring you to tilt it to one side to move it.  If you have to move it very far, it may take two people to move it.

Weber Genesis Appearance — this grill comes with a fancy lid and a shiny look.  Their cart has two locking casters with all-weather wheels.  Moving it from one place to the other is easy and can be done by one person.

Although both of these have grease drip pans located in the same space, it is easier to access in the Genesis grill because it has more clearance and it is not a challenge to lift it out of the wire rack. Also, the cart is easier to move with the Genesis.  In appearance, the Genesis wins hands down.

Cooking area

Cooking Area of Weber Spirit and Genesis

Weber Spirit—the cooking area of this grill is only 360 inches with a warming rack of 90 square inches.  It also has a BTU (British Thermal Unit) is 73.6

Weber Genesis—for this model the cooking area is 380 inches with a warming rack of 114 square inches.  The BTU is 63.4.

If you were scoring on points, then the Weber Genesis would have 2 points while the Spirit would only have 1.  This leads me to conclude that the cooking area feature would go to the Weber Genesis.  A Genesis would be ideal for a large family or a cookout for friends and family as you can cook and keep warm, more food.  On both grills, there is enough headroom that you can grill a turkey up to 20 lbs.

The burners on both the Spirit and Weber grill are made of stainless steel so you do not have to worry about them rusting, burning, or wearing out.  Just a push of a button turns them on and off.  The BTU is the measurement on how much heat the grill produces and the higher BTU, the hotter it will get.  In this instance, it would be the Weber Spirit winning because of the smaller cooking area.

Heat control

Heat Control of Grills

Spirit—the Spirit has some of the best, time-tested heat control systems for grills by using conventional heat control technology.

Genesis—with the Genesis, it uses the best of heating technology, such as Bluetooth heating and system and infinite ignition.  They are designed to ensure heat control and complete temperature.

When checking out which grill you want to purchase, the heat control is one of the important things to consider.  The reason is that it affects the texture and taste of your food.  In the Weber line of grills, they have sound technology and are known for reliability.  Both these models use the infinity ignition.

When looking at which temperature they can reach, both can reach within minutes, a temperature of 500-600 degrees. According to tests done and studies conducted, the Genesis has better heat control than the Spirit.

Caring and Maintenance Tools

With both the Weber Spirit and Genesis grills you should have griller’s toolbox to help keep your grill looking new.  This should include:

  • Stainless steel wire brush
  • Mild dish soap
  • Teflon or plastic scraper
  • Brass wire grill brush
  • Fine steel wool pads
  • Dishcloth or sponge

You should also have some catch pan liners nearby so you can do regular, easy clean-ups.  After each time you use your grill you should clean it.  Once a year you should give it a serious cleaning but if you want, you can do it before you start using it for the season and before you put it away for the winter.

When you clean it after using, you should brush and wipe off the lid and sides to get rid of any spills and clean the grates.  Cleaning the grates will help to prevent any food from sticking the next time you use the grill.  You should regularly take out the cooking grate so you can clean off the barriers above all the burners.

When you have to seriously clean your grill this basically means you have to take it apart but first, disconnect the gas.  Then take out the parts of the grill layer by layer.  Make sure that the burners are thoroughly inspecting the burners to make sure there is nothing impeding the flow of gas to them.  If the burner is clogged you may need to replace them.

Once everything is out you should use soapy water to clean it.  If any paint is coming off, this would be the time to repaint it.  Once you put it back together, turn it on to make sure it works, and then it is ready for next season.

Pros and Cons—Spirit and Genesis

Both of these Weber grills have the same pros, which include high-performance models and burners with a tapered shape so heat constantly flows from front to back.  They are both easy to clean and have Flarorizer Bars to help move the grease drippings from the cooking area.

Pros Of Weber Spirit ii

  • Less expensive as it does not all the features that the Genesis has
  • Attractive design
  • Good heat control
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Side tables that fold down

Cons Of Weber Spirit ii

  • A little smaller cooking area
  • Some of the entry models do not have enough hooks to hang attachments
  • Minor grease management system
  • Only has 2 or 3 burners

Pros Of Weber Genesis ii

  • It has an iGrill 3 Ready system that can help to improve the grilling performance.
  • They are built with a more high-quality, durable construction so they last longer under different weather conditions
  • Lots of space for storage and prep
  • Can have 2-6 burners
  • Can get it in natural or propane gas

Cons Of Weber GENESIS ii

  • More expensive because of the high-quality build and improvements

What's the Main Differences between Weber Spirit and Genesis Grills?

The main difference between Weber Genesis and Spirit is that the spirit models are made from a lower grade of stainless steel so while it is quality built, the Genesis will withstand the weather conditions better. If you just want a grill for casual grilling or are just starting your grilling experience, then you should start with the Spirit because this one is not as expensive as the Genesis.  For a long term investment, then you should choose the Genesis.

For cleaning and maintenance, the Genesis has a whole grease management system while the Spirit has a minor grease management system. The Spirit is the smallest of the Weber family of gas grills and is streamlined but the Genesis is much larger and is suited for family and friend gatherings as you have more cooking space.

With the smaller Spirit grill, it will take less time to heat up and reach the right temperature whereas the Genesis will take longer to heat so you will need to take that into consideration when planning a barbeque and the time to eat.

The larger Genesis will use more gas than the smaller Spirit grill.

The Verdict

On the market today there are three Spirit models and eight Genesis models, which include the Genesis II and II LX.  All have the basic same features and differences but when it comes to which is the best, both are equal in points.  The decision needs to be made based on a customer’s preference and budget.  It is hard to decide which one is the best as those that buy them should have the final say.

If you had to pick a winner though, it would be the Spirit as it has more basic cooking space, great for beginners, and the price is right. If you are a casual griller, then you should choose the Spirit. If you are still in doubt, look at the features, compare the prices, look at your wants and needs, and then decide.  One thing to note is that the Weber Spirit and Genesis are the top two grill series under the Weber name.

You cannot go wrong with either model you choose as they are both top of the line gas grills from Weber, a well-known manufactured of grills.  Make a list of your needs before doing comparison shopping.


What are the main differences between Weber Spirit and Genesis grills?

The main difference between Weber Spirit and Genesis grills is in their built quality, size, and features. The Spirit grills are made from a lower grade of stainless steel and are ideal for casual grilling or beginners due to their affordable pricing. On the other hand, Genesis grills use a higher grade of stainless steel, provide more cooking space, include more features such as additional burners and sear stations, and are priced higher.

Can you elaborate on the features of Weber Genesis grills?

All the Weber Genesis grills come with advanced features like stainless steel burners, cooking grates, and a large cooking surface. They also include additional features like a side burner, sear zone burner and a stainless steel heat distribution system. The Genesis line is known for its smart grill tech and cooking space, making it suitable for large family gatherings or parties.

What are the key features of Weber Spirit grills?

Weber Spirit grills feature three stainless steel burners, a sear station, and stainless steel cooking grates. They also include a grease tray for easy cleaning, and a smaller cooking space compared to Genesis grills, making them an ideal choice for smaller families or occasional grillers.

How does the cooking space compare between Weber Spirit and Genesis grills?

Weber Genesis grills offer more grilling space than Weber Spirit grills. The Genesis grills provide more square inches of cooking area, making it ideal for grilling large batches of food for parties or large family gatherings. The Spirit grills, on the other hand, have a smaller cooking surface, making them suitable for smaller families or occasional grilling sessions.

How does the heat distribution and heat output compare between the two grill models?

The Weber Genesis grills come equipped with a heat distribution system that ensures even cooking across the entire grilling surface. In terms of heat output, Genesis grills have four stainless steel burners that provide a generous amount of heat. Conversely, Weber Spirit grills with three burners offer slightly lower heat output but still provide sufficient heat for most grilling tasks.

How does the Weber crafted cookware system benefit the grilling experience?

The Weber crafted cookware system enhances the grilling experience by ensuring even heat distribution, preventing hotspots, and maintaining the optimal grilling temperature. This system, available in the Genesis line, allows users to sear, grill, and cook their food evenly and to perfection.

What is the importance of stainless steel cooking grates in grills?

Stainless steel cooking grates are preferred for their durability, easy maintenance, and ability to retain heat. Both Weber Genesis and Spirit grills come equipped with stainless steel grates that provide consistent cooking results, are easy to clean, and can withstand repeated use.

What’s the major selling point of the Weber Genesis Grill line?

The biggest gas grilling innovation of the Weber Genesis Grill line is their smart grill models. These smart grills offer more control over the cooking process, allowing users to monitor temperature, adjust heat settings, and even receive notifications about their grilling session from their mobile devices. These features elevate the outdoor cooking experience, making it more convenient and enjoyable.