Smoking Chicken Legs In An Electric Smoker: How Long To Get It Just Right

Smoking chicken legs can be a tricky task, even for experienced pitmasters. But with the right equipment and techniques, it’s absolutely achievable! In this guide, I’m here to show you how to smoke chicken legs in an electric smoker like a total pro.

I’ll cover the following:

  • The best electric smoker I’ve found to do chicken legs.
  • What type of wood chips pair best with chicken legs
  • How long to smoke chicken legs in an electric smoker
  • Tips on keeping your meat moist while smoking
  • And more…

So if you’re ready to impress your friends and family with perfectly smoked chicken legs, let’s get started!

Best Electric Smoker for Chicken Legs

The Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker is the best electric smoker for chicken legs. This electric smoker has a total smoking area of 725 square inches, making it the perfect size for a whole bag of chicken legs. The removable food thermometer allows you to monitor internal temperatures of your food while cooking and easily adjust heat levels based on your preferences. The unit also features four adjustable chrome plated grates that help you fit a variety of meats on the racks. Plus, they are fully removable to make clean up easier when finished with your meal.

This digital electric smoker comes equipped with an integrated control panel that allows you to set precise temperature and timing settings right from the unit’s front panel. It also includes an integrated meat probe thermometer so you can check the temperature without having to open the door or lid during cooking. Furthermore, this model contains a separate smoke box for adding wood chips without sacrificing extra space in the main chamber. This adds flavor and moisture to your smoked meats and other items like fish or vegetables as well as keeps them from drying out too quickly.

Not only is this Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker easy to operate but it offers features that give customers more control over their smoked meals than many other models available today. Its double walled construction helps maintain even heat throughout its cooking chamber while its integrated window lets users see inside without opening doors or lids, which could cause drastic changes in internal temperature. Additionally, there’s even an auto shut off feature for added safety if left unattended for too long – perfect for those just starting out with smoking!

Preparing the Chicken Legs

Preparing chicken legs is a simple and delicious way to make a meal. You’ll need to start by gathering the ingredients. For this recipe, you’ll need 1 kg of chicken legs, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, rosemary and thyme leaves, 2 cloves of garlic minced, 1 teaspoon of ground black pepper, and one teaspoon of sea salt.

Once you have all the ingredients on hand, it’s time to get cooking! Start by preheating your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, rinse the chicken legs under cold water and pat them dry with a paper towel. In a large bowl combine the olive oil with all spices and herbs before adding the chicken legs in. Make sure that each piece is fully coated with the marinade mixture before placing them in an oven dish lined with parchment paper. Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until cooked through . Finish off with some freshly chopped parsley as garnish if desired!

Setting Up Your Electric Smoker

Setting up an electric smoker isn’t as intimidating as it may seem. It’s actually a simple process and can be done in a few easy steps. First, you’ll want to assemble your electric smoker, check for any damage or missing pieces, and make sure all the parts are secure. Then you’ll need to place the smoker on a flat surface such as cement blocks or cinderblocks. You should also ensure that the surface is away from direct sunlight and not prone to moisture.

Once your electric smoker is set up, it’s time to plug it into an outlet with proper ventilation. After plugging in the power cord, turn on the unit and make sure everything is running correctly. Depending on your brand of electric smoker, you may be able to adjust settings such as temperature control or timer functions through a digital display panel or knob controls located at the front of the unit. Once all of these tasks are complete, your electric smoker will be ready for use!

Now we can move onto stocking your pantry with ingredients for smoked foods!

Smoking Chicken Legs in an Electric Smoker

You want to give your next BBQ a delicious, smoky flavor? Smoking chicken legs in an electric smoker is the way to do it! If you season them just right and prepare the smoker correctly, I’ve found that you can get succulent and juicy chicken every time. It’s an easy process that starts with marinating your chicken for at least two hours or overnight. You’ll want to make sure that you gently brush against the skin of each leg with some oil and dried herbs like rosemary, garlic powder, paprika and thyme prior to smoking. Then you’ll need to set up your electric smoker according to manufacturer instructions. Make sure it’s pre-heated before placing your seasoned chicken legs inside the smoker. Cooking time will depend on how big the legs are, but generally takes between 2-3 hours.

I believe keeping a consistent temperature is key when smoking any meat in an electric smoker – check your thermometer every now and then, adjusting as needed so it stays around 225°F (107°C). Once they reach about 155-160°F (68-71°C) pull them out of the smoker using tongs or heat resistant gloves, rest for 5 minutes and enjoy! Your guests will be impressed by this smoky tenderness; just be sure not to overcook them or else they’ll become dry!

Timing for Different Sizes of Chicken Legs

When it comes to cooking chicken legs, timing is key! The size of the leg will determine how long it takes for the chicken to cook through. I’ve found that smaller legs often take less time, while larger ones may need more time in the oven or on the grill. You should check your chicken’s internal temperature before eating – you’re looking for an internal temperature of 165 F. For smaller legs, aim for 30 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit; however, if your chicken is larger than average, you may need 40 minutes or longer. I believe that when cooking different sizes of chicken legs, having a kitchen thermometer on hand can be really helpful in ensuring that they are cooked through without being overdone. You want every bite to be juicy and delicious!

Reaching Desired Temperature for Safe Consumption

Sometimes, the internal temperature of foods and drinks can vary depending on how they were prepared or stored. It is important to reach a certain temperature in order to ensure that harmful bacteria has been killed off safely.

For liquids such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, drinking temperatures should be between 160°F (71°C) and 185°F (85°C). For foods such as steak or poultry, an internal temperature of 165°F (74°C) should be reached before consuming. Reaching this temperature ensures that any pathogens have been destroyed and are safe for consumption.

It’s also important to remember that different types of foods will require different levels of heat in order to be safely consumed. That’s why using thermometers while cooking or reheating meals is so important- it helps you accurately measure the food’s temperature without guesswork! Additionally, never leave food out at room temperature for longer than two hours- this could increase your risk of food poisoning due to bacterial growth at room temperatures. Cooking with care can help you maintain a safe kitchen environment.

Keeping these guidelines in mind can help ensure that your meals are cooked properly so you can enjoy them safely!

Best Practices for Smoking Chicken Legs in an Electric Smoker

I’ve found that smoking chicken legs in an electric smoker is a great way to get a tasty, smoky flavor. It’s important to be mindful of the cooking temperature when using an electric smoker so that your food doesn’t become overcooked or dry. To begin, start by prepping your chicken legs with a spice rub or marinade and set aside for at least 30 minutes before placing them in the smoker. You’ll want to use indirect heat and make sure your temperature is set between 225°F-240°F depending on how fast you wish them to cook. Your chicken should smoke for around 1 – 2 hours until it’s cooked through and its internal temperature has reached 165°F. Check on the chicken occasionally during this time and baste it with any juices or sauces if desired. I believe that the key to successfully smoking chicken legs in an electric smoker is patience and attention to detail – each step matters!

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Electric Smokers

The most common issue is that the smoker does not get hot enough – this often happens when the temperature gauge is miscalibrated. If your smoker is not reaching its ideal temperature, try recalibrating the internal temperature gauge by allowing it to heat up to a certain level and then comparing it to an external thermometer.

Another common issue with electric smokers is that smoke doesn’t seem to be coming out of the vents. This could mean that there isn’t enough wood chips or pellets in the smoker. Make sure you’re adding enough fuel on a regular basis so that smoke continues to come out while cooking your food – if you don’t, your food won’t get smoky or flavorful! Additionally, check that all of your vents are open and not obstructed by anything. That way, airflow will not be restricted and smoke will continue to come out in abundance.

To ensure good results every time, it’s important to maintain your electric smoker regularly!


How do you prepare smoked chicken drumsticks?

To prepare smoked chicken drumsticks, start by seasoning the chicken legs with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and other desired seasonings. Then place the chicken in a smoker or grill over indirect heat and smoke at 225-250°F until the internal temperature reaches 165°F. Finally, brush the cooked smoked chicken drumsticks with your favorite BBQ sauce for extra flavor and crispiness.

What is the best way to get crispy skin on smoked chicken legs?

The best way to get crispy skin on smoked chicken legs is to let them dry brine in the refrigerator overnight before cooking. This will draw out moisture from the skin and help it crisp up more once it’s cooked. Additionally, brushing with BBQ sauce during cook time can help give your finished product even more crunchy texture.

Does brown sugar add flavor to smoke chicken drumsticks?

Yes! Brown sugar adds a subtle sweetness when used while smoking or grilling chicken drumsticks that pairs well with savory flavors like garlic or onion powder. It also helps to caramelize juices during cooking which can provide an extra bit of crunch as well as delicious sweet smoky flavor.

Can you reuse leftovers from previously smoked chicken legs?

Yes! You can use leftovers from previously smoked chicken legs in different recipes such as soups or stews; make sure all required fields are marked (such as temperature) for safe storage of any leftover food items. Alternatively, you could also shred or dice up the leftover meat for casseroles or sandwiches – just be sure to reheat any dish before serving it!

What ingredients are needed to make smoked chicken drumsticks?

Smoked chicken drumsticks require hot sauce, juicy meat, apple cider vinegar, onion powder, olive oil, favorite barbecue sauce, wood chips and chicken brine.

What types of recipes can you make with smoked chicken legs?

You can make a variety of delicious recipes with smoked chicken legs, including your favorite barbecue sauce-soaked wings, dark meat grilled nuggets, and smoky paprika-roasted breasts.

How do you smoke a whole chicken?

To smoke a whole chicken begin by brining the bird in apple cider vinegar overnight. The next day season the outside of the bird with olive oil and your favorite seasonings, like garlic powder and onion powder, before placing it on a baking sheet over wood chips. Finally, cook the bird until it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F (74°C).

What type of wood chip should be used when smoking poultry?

For best results, use mild flavored woods such as apple or cherry when smoking poultry. Avoid strong-flavored woods such as mesquite which can overpower the delicate flavor of the bird.

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