Best Smoked Lamb Leg Recipe - Smoked Leg Of Lamb

Best Smoked Lamb Leg Recipe | Easy Step-by-Step

Are you ready for the best smoked lamb leg recipe? We’ve got just the right one for you right here!

Creating a great smoked leg of lamb can be tricky, hower with the right attitude, one of the top smokers, a good step-by-step smoked lamb recipe, you can definitely achieve perfection.

Best Smoked Lamb Leg Recipe - Smoked Lamb Leg

Finding the right flavour can be a bit of a daunting task, I know because I went through a couple of dozen of the smoked leg of lamb recipe options before I got to the one I actually really liked.

Once you got the right recipe and the right smoker, all you need to get is the meat.

In my case, I didn’t want to make a smoked boneless leg of lamb. Today I did a nice big smoked leg ham on the bone.

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Smoked Lamb Leg Recipe

Although I tend to find my recipes through a number of well-known smoking books by smoking addicts, such as Smoking Meat by Will Fleischman, however, this time is the time to show you my own creation. 


Creating the right smoked lamb leg rub for your smoked bone-in leg of lamb recipe is crucial. One wrong flavor combination can determine if the meat will be eatible or not.

Here is my easy smoked bone-in leg of lamb recipe:

  • 20g coarse sea salt
  • 20g cracked black pepper
  • 20g rosemary
  • 2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 50ml virgin olive oil

Best Smoked Lamb Leg Recipe - Smoked Lamb Leg Marinade

Step One

Whether you are creating smoked boneless leg of lamb recipes or a smoked butterflied leg of lamb, or just like me smoked lamb leg with a bone in, what really matters is the marinade.

Best Smoked Lamb Leg Recipe - Smoked Whole Lamb

If the meat does not have enough time to prep, there is not going to be enough flavour to complement the cut.

Because we are working with a sizeable leg of lamb, we need additional time for marinating.

My recommendation is to place your leg of lamb into a plastic cooking bag together with your marinade and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 10 hours prior to cooking.

Ensure that the last hour, the meat has a chance to rest in room temperature.

Step Two

Build your fire at least 1 hour prior to cooking. This is to ensure that you stabilize the heat and smoke at just the right temperature.

Start the Fire

Step Three

I recommend that you stabilize the cooking chamber temperature at 250F and try to keep it within the 5-10F bracket at all times.

Set up the Probes

I always used the iChef thermometer by Maverick and it has never failed me yet.

Step Four

When smoking the leg of lamb it is very important to check on the internal temperature of the meat as it cooks.

Best Smoked Lamb Leg Recipes

Using the iChef thermometer, you can monitor the internal temperature of the cooking chamber at the grate level as well as the internal temperature of the meat.

Step Five

If you like your meat medium-rare, I recommend that you bring the internal temperature of the lamb to 140F. Personally, I like the smoked lamb leg to come up to 190F before I remove the meat from the smoker.

Best Smoked Lamb Leg Recipe - Smoked Leg Of Lamb

Reason being, I like the meat to be more well done and a bit more falling apart. 

Make sure to rest the smoked leg of lamb for at least 1 hour. I recommend that you wrap it up with butcher paper, followed by aluminium foil and cover with a tea towel.

Once the meat has rested, you are ready to dig in.

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