Weber q2000 vs q2200

Weber Q2000 vs Q2200 – Which is Better to Buy?

Having a barbecue party at home or an outdoor event is something that everyone loves. However, it's hard to prepare a meal outdoors without a portable grill. To make it easy to have a meal outdoors anywhere and anytime, getting yourself a Weber Q2000 or a Q2200 is one of the best decisions you could make. 

If you've considered getting a compact and portable grill, then Weber is the brand of choice. These grills are the ideal thing to take on a camping trip with your friends and family or your next backyard party. 

Weber is a renowned brand that produces some of the best grills on the planet. Hence it comes as no surprise why the Q2200 and Q2000 are among the top portable grills you can find in the market. This article will provide you with a brief comparison between the two products. It will hopefully help you to choose the best grill for your outdoor parties.

Weber Q2000 vs Q2200 Comparison

The Weber Q2000 and Q2200 are both compact grills that run on propane gas. Both grills are very identical, and most people might not be able to differentiate between them. However, you can tell one from the other by its weight. The Q2200 is a little heavier than the Q2000. However, they are both the same size and provide the same cooking area. 

These grills are perfect at an outdoor event and camping trips. So to help you decide on which one to buy, we'll first do a quick review of each of them and also compare them feature by feature.

Weber Q2000 Review

Weber Q2000

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The Q2000 grill is one of the most well-known grills from Weber. It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a grill that you can easily carry around for a barbecue anywhere you want. It is one of the best portable grills in the market, and the company has spent years in its development to make it so. They've gone from the Weber Q1000 to the Q1200 to the Q2000 to the Q 3200.

This grill has a fantastic build quality and offers an ample cooking space of 280 inches. You get an average of 12,000 BTU from this grill, which is a lot compared to its size. The grates on this grill are coated with porcelain, which adds to its durability. You will find this grill to be long-lasting since the body, along with the lid, is made using cast aluminum.

One of the best features on the Q2000 is the fold-down side tables. This helps you get extra space when you are cooking on the grill. Overall, this product is well constructed and easy to use. 

Weber Q2200 Review

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Weber Q2200 is basically the same as the Q2000, with some slight differences. It is another fantastic product from Weber, which delivers as promised. It is also a great choice if you are looking for a compact portable grill for your outdoor events. Once you get this grill, you will no longer need to look for another grill for a long time.

Like the Q2000, this grill also provides an ample cooking space of 280 sq inches. But when you look at the actual dimensions of both the two products, you will find that the Q2200 is a little bigger. Due to the larger dimensions, this Q2200 is also slightly heavier.

The Q2200 also comes with a foldable table like the Q2000 that you can use for setting up your ingredients. The Q2200 comes with a built-in thermometer on its lid while the Q2000 does not. This thermometer allows you to monitor the heat temperatures inside the grills and makes the cooking process much more manageable.

Let jump into a more detailed comparison of the features of the weber q2000 vs q2200:


The durability of both grills is outstanding. The body and lid of both Q2000 and Q2200 are made of aluminum. And the cast-iron grates are coated with porcelain to give them extra protection. If you look at the burners, you will find that they are made of high-quality stainless steel.


They do not require any assembly, and you can use both right out of the box. There are also two pull-down tables which are provided on both the grills to give you extra space to work. Moreover, the frames are incredibly sturdy. 

One other thing I loved about the Q2200 is the sloping body, which allows the grease to flow into the grease cup. This feature helps in reducing the mess that you would typically make when using a grill of this type. The Q2200 also features a two-piece grate, which is split from the middle. Whereas the Q2000 only has a single cooking grate made of cast iron.


The dimensions of both the products are almost the same. With the lid open and the tables out, the Q2000 measures at 26 x 51.4 x 24.3 inches. Whereas, the Q2200 measures in at 26 x 51.4 x 19.5 inches with the lid open and tables out. From this comparison, you can see that the Q2200 is a bit larger than the Q2000.

Heat Temperature

When it comes to the max heat temperatures, both grills are the same. The stainless steel burner of both the products produces a whopping 12000 BTU. Most other grills with the same size as they do not provide that much heating capacity in such a small form. 

Cooking Space

The cooking spaces provided by the grills are also the same. The grills will offer you a 280 sq inches of cooking space which is big enough for cooking meals for up to 4 people. For your perspective, you will be able to layout 11 regular sized burgers. 

As you can see the cooking space is quite large for its compact size

Fuel Source

Both the Q2000 and Q2200 run on liquid propane gas. You can use a 14.1 or 16.4 oz gas tank to run the grills. However, if you want more fuel capacity, then you can fit a large size propane gas tank with an adapter hose.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, both the grills perform exceptionally well. They come with an ignition mechanism, which makes it easy and quick to turn on the grills. You will not have to depend on making a fire to cook some barbecue.

Additional Features

The Weber Q2200 has a slight edge over the Q2000 when it comes to features. It has a temperature gauge that helps you to monitor the heat temperature inside the grill. This allows you to achieve the perfect barbecue and prevents your food from burning. 

The ignition mechanism which we talked about earlier is a little more advanced in the Q2200. It has a push-button ignition, whereas the Q2000 has electronic ignition. 

Pros of Weber Q2000

  • Porcelain cooking grates for long-lasting use
  • Excellent build and construction
  • Excellent build and construction
  • Pull down side tables allows for extra space
  • Easy to clean

Cons of Weber Q2000

  • No temperature gauge
  • Not the best for slow cooking
  • Ignition mechanism is not as advanced 

Pros of Weber Q2200

  • Decent cooking space
  • Large foldable side tables
  • Compact and durable build
  • No assembly required
  • Push-button ignition for quick-fire
  • Built-in thermometer on the lid

Cons of Weber Q2200

  • Too heavy to be carried by a single person
  • Can be subjected to flare-ups since there are no burner covers

What are the main differences between the Weber Q2000 vs Q2200?

The Weber Q2000 and Q2200 are both identical and have several features which are quite the same. However, there are individual differences between the two grills. One of the main differences is the temperature gauge, which comes with the Q2200. This feature does not come with the Q2000 and can be a deal-breaker for some people. 

Another difference between the two grills is the ignition mechanism. The Q2200 has a slightly more advanced ignition system compared to the Q2000. 

Other small differences between the Q2200 and Q2000 are the price and weight. Q2200 is a little expensive by a couple of $10. It is also slightly larger and heavier. You will also find that the grills are different between the two. Q2200 has two-piece grates while Q2000 has a single cast-iron grate.


If you want a portable gas grill that you can easily carry around the back of your truck, then the Weber Q2200 and Q2000 are both an excellent choice. The Weber Q2200 packs more features than the Q2000, and you will get it by spending just a few more dollars. 

So if the temperature gauge is something that you cannot live without, then spending the extra money will be worth it. Otherwise, the Q2000 does just as good a job as the Q2200.


What are the key features of Weber Q grills?

Weber Q grills are known for their compact and portable design, making them ideal for outdoor events and camping trips. Features include a stainless steel burner, a cast aluminum body, electronic ignition, and a removable catch pan. They also come with a lid thermometer and use liquid propane.

How do the Weber Q2000 and Q2200 grills compare in terms of size?

The Weber Q2000 and Q2200 gas grills are similar in size, both providing the same cooking area. The Q2200 is slightly heavier and larger than the Q2000, but they are both compact enough to be considered a portable gas grill.

What are the benefits of the Weber Q models’ removable drip pan?

The removable drip pan in Weber Q models, like the Q2000 and Q2200, is a key feature for easy clean-up. It collects grease and food debris during cooking, which can later be disposed of, keeping your grill clean and reducing the risk of flare-ups.

How do the stainless steel burners in the Weber Q2000 and Q2200 compare?

Both the Weber Q2000 and Q2200 feature a single stainless steel burner which produces a significant heat output for their size. This allows for efficient cooking, even in a portable gas grill.

What differentiates the Weber Q2000 and Q2200 in terms of design?

While both models are designed as a full-sized grill in a compact package, there are some differences. The Q2200 features a built-in lid thermometer not present in the Q2000, and also has a slightly more advanced ignition system. The Q2200 is slightly heavier and larger, with two-piece grates instead of a single grate in the Q2000.

How is the cast aluminum body beneficial in the Weber Q grills?

The cast aluminum body in the Weber Q grills, like the Q2000 and Q2200, contributes to their durability. It’s lightweight yet sturdy, ensuring these grills can withstand regular use and transport. Plus, aluminum is excellent at conducting heat, improving the efficiency of your grill.

What makes a Weber grill an excellent option for a portable gas grill?

Weber grills, particularly the Weber Q2000 and Q2200, are excellent portable gas grills due to their compact size, durability, and high performance. They’re designed for ease of use, with features like electronic ignition and a removable catch pan, making them ideal for outdoor cooking.

What accessories are needed for a Weber Q grill to utilize a propane bottle?

Weber Q grills, like the Q2000 and Q2200, run on liquid propane. You can use a small 14.1 or 16.4 oz propane bottle directly, but if you want to use a larger propane bottle, you will need an adapter hose.