Weber Performer Deluxe vs Premium

Weber Performer Deluxe vs Premium – Which is Better?

If you ask anyone that likes grilling meat, which grill brand is the best one to get? They would most likely tell you to get a Weber Grill. However, you'll find it hard to choose the best option from their lineup. Among the Weber lineup, two of the top models have always been the Weber Performer Deluxe and Performer Premium. 

Over the past month, I've spent a few hours grilling up a storm with both grills. And today, I'll share all my findings of the differences and similarities between the Weber Performer Deluxe vs Premium so that you can get detailed information about which one will suit you more. After all, buying a grill is a one time purchase at least for a few years. Wasting your money on the wrong option will be unfortunate.

Weber Performer Deluxe vs Premium Comparison

Weber is a brand that deals in making all types of outdoor cooking equipment with the best quality and performance. They offer many types of grills like wood pellets grills, charcoal, gas, electric, and even portable grills. But before we get into the core of the article, here's a quick overview of both Weber grills.

Weber Performer Deluxe Overview

Weber Performer Deluxe Reviews

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A side salad is always the ideal choice when it comes to what you should have, along with a perfectly grilled piece of meat. The Performer Deluxe comes with a side table on which you can toss your salad or prepare your sides as the grill takes on the meat.

If you are worried about where to place your tongs and other barbeque utensils, you can relax because the grill has hooks for these accessories. What you want from the best grilling station is everything from the grill box, to a side table, to a rack shelf. And you get all of these with the Performer Deluxe.

The Performer Deluxe has a lot of positive reviews and satisfied buyers. If you meet someone who owns one of these units, more often than not, they will recommend you to buy it too. This grill comes with many desirable features like a timer that you can detach from the grill.

Weber Performer Premium Overview

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The Weber Performer Premium is a Top Quality grill. It is designed to meet all your BBQ and grilling needs. The Performer Premium Grill comes with so many smart features that are guaranteed to make every grilling session a dream. 

The grill top has a circular and removable grate insert, which can be conveniently replaced with a skillet, pizza stone, or any other inserts (sold separately) to meet the requirements of your cook. It also comes with an attached timer as well as a thermometer.

This grilling station also has extra space on the side, which acts as a table where one can keep many things during the cook. It also has a lid that slides conveniently to the side instead of having to remove it entirely.  There is a charcoal storage compartment as well, which is attached to the main body.

This product is perfectly designed to make it as compact and convenient as possible. It is also very easy to keep all the different parts clean and tidy.

Weber Performer Deluxe And Weber Performer Premium Features Comparison


Both the Weber Performer Premium, as well as the Weber Performer Deluxe, come in size with dimensions measuring 43.5" H x 48" W x 30" D (in inches).

Build of the product

The other measurements of both the products are also precisely alike. The diameter measures 22 inches, while both the primary cooking area and total cooking area is 363 square inches each.

Fuel type

Both products are operated using charcoal, but the Weber Performer Deluxe also uses disposable LP cylinders, which are sold separately.


The open cart design of both the Weber Performer Deluxe and the Weber Performer  Premium are identical. They both come with porcelain-enameled bowls and lid, built-in thermometer, tuck-away lid holder, bottom wire rack, painted metal work-table, and many other such features.

Cleaning system

Both grills have a one-touch cleaning system.

Ignition System

The Weber Performer Deluxe comes equipped with an electronic Touch-N-Go ignition system, which is not found in the Weber Performer Premium.


The Weber Performer Deluxe is a few dollars cheaper than the Weber Performer Premium. However both products are priced within Three Hundred Dollars at the time of writing this article. Overall, if you have a lower price range, you should go for the Performer Premium instead of the other one.

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Both the products come with attached wheels for easier portability. They both weigh the same at 91 pounds, so you do not have to think about which one is lighter.


The add-on features of both products are also similar. Both grills come with a removable high-capacity, aluminum ash catcher, removable back lit LCD cook timer, and weather-protected charcoal bin storage container. 


The Weber Performer Deluxe uses both AA and AAA type batteries. However, its counterpart, the Weber Performer Premium, can use only AAA type batteries. The number of batteries required is three and two, respectively.


The warranty specifications for both products are exactly alike. The terms of the warranty are divided into four parts for both the products as follows-

  • Bowl and lid -  ten years, no rust/burn through
  • One-touch cleaning system -   five years, no rust/burn through
  • Plastic components -   five years, excluding fading or discoloration
  • All remaining parts - two years
Weber Performer Deluxe Review

Pros of Performer Deluxe

  • It is straightforward to clean and maintain and has a One-Touch cleaning system.
  • The Performer Deluxe has porcelain enamel helps prevent damage from heat and rust.
  • It has good food holding capacity and can hold up to average-sized 13 burgers.
  • Charcoal storage bins and hooks on the sides help to keep the necessary equipment easily accessible.
  • Cooking grate has a removable portion, which can be replaced with any of the GBS inserts.
  • Timer and thermometer attachments make it easy to monitor each cook precisely.


  • The gauge reduced in quality compared to the previous model
  • There have been a few complaints about faulty units

Pros of Performer Premium

  • The manufacturers listened and made this model an excellent improvement over the last one 
  • Provides high heat that is needed to cook outdoors.
  • The instructions to assemble the grill are easy to follow 
  • It is lightweight and easy to transport 
  • You can use this product as a smoker if you want 


  • The rotisserie ring does not fit or work with the grill
  • The buttons may break if you handle them roughly 

What are the main differences between the Weber Performer Premium vs Deluxe?

There are not a lot of differences between the two grills. After all, they are both from the same brand. However, there are a few tiny details on which they differ.

The Weber Performer Deluxe uses both AA and AAA batteries to work while the Premium can use only AAA batteries. The price of the Deluxe is higher than the cost of the Premium model by Weber in their Performer series. The other differences include the side table and colors in which are available. 

Since there are not many differences, this section of the article might be a little disappointing, but it also means that you are free to choose either according to your own needs and budget.


The Performer Series by Weber has brought forth a lot of excellent products that can satisfy all your grilling needs. You can even use either of them as smokers if you want. Now, the question remains. Which one is better? Unfortunately, there is no clear winner because these products are almost identical to each other except for their price and colors in which they come.

Therefore, your budget is the only way you can choose between these two and see which one fits you better. First of all, if you are on a tight budget and want something more affordable, you can do for the Weber Performer Premium model because it is priced lower than the Deluxe model.

However, the Deluxe has its benefit in the form of being able to use both AA and AAA batteries to work. Taking all these into consideration, we hope you can now make an informed decision and get the best Weber Performer Series grill that will satisfy all your needs.