Weber Smokey Mountain Review

Weber Smokey Mountain Review – Best Smokey Mountain Model 14.5″, 18.5″,22.5″

Have you ever wondered how to get the perfect smoked meat with a unique flavor and texture? If you have, then the best way I know is by using a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker. With any one of the Smokey Mountain smokers from Weber, you will nail that perfect smoked flavor without much difficulty.

But before we get any further, let me tell you how this product has helped me. A few years ago, I tasted my first piece of smoked meat, and at that moment, I knew I needed to learn how to process my meat that way. No teacher was willing to teach me, and that's when the Weber Smokey Mountain became my teacher and my best friend.

The simplicity of operation and use of this product makes it ideal for beginners. If I could do it without any prior knowledge and experience, it is sure to help you too. In this article, we will talk about everything that has to do with Weber's Smokey Mountain smoker lineup. From the features to its benefits and drawbacks. 

Weber Smokey Mountain Review

If you're looking for the best smokers to get, you'll need to look no further than on a Smokey mountain. These smokers are great for both beginners and pros to smoking meats. I've had the 22.5 inch model for a few years now and have never regretted buying it. 

However, while I might love everything about it and this size variant, maybe you would want a different one. As such, I'll go over all the various features you need to know about the Weber Smokey Mountain:

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The three variants 

There are three models of the Weber Smokey Mountain. This way, you can get one that is of the perfect size for you. The smallest has a diameter of 14.5 inches and provides 286 square inches of cooking area. The medium-sized smoker is 18.5 inches in diameter with 481 square inches of cooking surface. Last but not least, the largest model is a whopping 22.5 inches in diameter. It gives you 726 square inches of cooking space.

If you are planning to cook more substantial cuts of meat or large quantities of meat, you will need to go for the bigger variant.

The exterior of the smoker 

The Weber Smokey Mountain has a porcelain coated lid and bowl. Even the middle section of the smoker has porcelain enamel. Thanks to the porcelain-coated lid, it can retain heat within the smoking chamber better and also prevent rust from forming. This coating also has an anti-peel ability.

Temperature monitoring

Monitoring and maintaining a stable and even temperature inside the smoker will not be a problem with this product. It has a silicone temperature grommet, which helps in monitoring the internal temperature without needing frequent adjustments.

Cooking space

Cooking space of weber smokey mountain

As mentioned earlier, there are three models of this smoker, and they come in different sizes. Regardless of the size, all of them come with two cooking grates that provide a lot of cooking surface on which you can smoke large cuts of meat.

Temperature control

There is a built-in thermometer on the lid, which will tell you how high or low the temperature is inside the smoker. It comes with dampers too. These dampers help in controlling the internal heat by merely adjusting them.


Some smokers can be challenging to refuel because you might have to remove all the cooking grates to get access to the coal pit. However, with a Weber Smokey Mountain, you can remove the fuel door and add charcoal or wood without having any problem.

Different functions 

You can use the Weber Smokey Mountain as a smoker or a grill. With the right attachments and mods, you can turn this convenient smoker into a grill. This way, you do not have to spend money on buying a separate device for grilling.

Easy cleaning 

Considering how helpful and multi-functional this smoker is, you will be surprised to know that the cleaning process is quite simple. It is not different than cleaning your oven. It might even be easier to clean this smoker.

Dimensions and weight of the three models

The smallest model has the dimensions: 31.4 inches in height, 14.7 inches in width, and 14.7 inches in depth. It weighs 23 pounds.

The 18-inch model has the following dimensions: height of 41 inches, width is 19 inches, and depth is 21 inches. The weight of this model is 39.1 pounds.

The largest model of 22.5 inches has the dimensions: 48.5 inches height, 23 inches width, and 24 inches deep. This model weighs 68 pounds.

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  • It is the ideal product choice for beginners with no smoking experience. 
  • The cost-efficiency of this smoker is very high.
  • It does not require much attention after you start it once.
  • Weber's smokey mountains offer excellent value for money.
  • They produce smoked meat of excellent quality. 
  • These smokers come in three size choices. 
  • I found it easy to clean the smoker. 
  • You can use this product to use as a smoker or a grill, depending on the model you buy.
  • The lid does not have a hinge, which makes it difficult to lift the lid.
  • The door for the charcoal is not well made. 
  • Some units have a loose charcoal door that releases the heat and smoke. 
  • Instructions for assembly are slightly tricky to follow. 
  • I've seen a few complaints about the durability of the lid from users.

What's the best weber smokey mountain model?

If you ask anyone to tell you which smokey mountain model is the best, you will have a hard time getting an answer since most Weber products are excellent.  The differences between the Weber Smoker Mountains models are mainly found in the variations of sizes. 

As mentioned earlier, I have the largest sized model and have no major complaints with this smoker. So I can recommend this model as the best one. However, if you don't need such a large smoker, you can get a smaller model without having to worry.

How to know if the Weber smokey mountain is right for you? 

How to know if this smoker is right for you

Before buying any smoker, you can quickly tell if it's for you buy vetting it against the criteria below. Alternatively, you could also check out this list of the top offset smokers to buy right now.


When I bought my first smokey mountain, I had already checked all the other smokers available on the market to see if it fits my budget. Of all the brands and models I found online, the Weber 22.5 Smoker mountain was the only smoker that provided the best value for my money. 

Your budget is probably the most important thing to keep in mind before you even attempt to search for a product. Also, if you like a smoker, it must be within your price range. So before selecting any of these Weber models, make sure that it fits your budget.

Capacity and size

If you like to smoke large cuts of meat or have smoked meat parties for many people, you will need a large smoker. The 22.5-inch smokey mountain provides 726 square inches of space to prepare more than enough meat for my large family. But if you don't need such a large cooking area, I'd recommend going with the 18.5-inch model.

Fuel type

The different types of fuels that smokers can use are charcoal smokers, wood pellets, electricity, and propane gas smokers. These fuels have varying benefits and various drawbacks. Of these fuel types, charcoal is my favorite as it offers the best smoked meat flavor.

With the smokey mountain, you get an excellent charcoal smoker.


Some smokers can smoke as well as to grill. On the other hand, some types like vertical smokers can only smoke meat. Depending on your budget and needs, it might be hard to find one that can do both grilling and smoking functions or go for a sole smoking purpose smoker.

With the smokey mountain 22.5 inch smoker, I was able to use it for both smoking and grilling. So if it does match your budget, I strongly recommend getting one of these smokers.

Ease of use

Most smokers are not difficult to use. However, there are some models that even beginners and newbies can use and do an excellent job at smoking. This smoker is one of the few smokers that allow both experts and beginners to get set up and smoke meat easily. 


Smokers come with different features like digital temperature display, automatic temperature control, time settings, mode of cooking, and the like. The more the features, the easier it is to control the smoker.

However, more features may also mean that the smoker becomes unusable if a particular part breaks down. Thankfully, these smokers have just the right amount of features. Moreover, the reliability of the Weber brand means that you will have no significant issues with this smoker.


Smoking has never been easier thanks to the Weber Smokey Mountain. The design of this smoker makes it extremely easy even for beginner meat smokers to operate. It does an excellent job of being energy and fuel-efficient. Since there are three size options, anyone can get a size that will fit their needs perfectly.

Keep in mind the space you have for your smoker at home. It will be a waste of resources if you buy a smoker that is too big for you, your family, and your home. Regardless, purchasing the Weber Smokey Mountain will be one of your best investments if you are a fan of smoked meat and the process of smoking it. I have no issues with my smokey mountain and feel very assured recommending it to you!