Offset Smoker Features - Need to know before you buy

Offset Smoker Features to look for before you buy

Are you searching for offset smoker features or offset smoker need to know before you buy? Well, you came to the right place!

I know you can’t wait to set up your barbecue and get cooking, but before you get yourself one, here are a few key features you need to keep in mind.

Offset Smoker Features You Need To Know About

It’s always best to be as informed as you can about offset smoker characteristics. This is your guide to the features to look at before buying a smoker.

Offset Smoker Features

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1. Heavy Duty Metal

Metal is what makes up an offset smoker, and it’s best to get metal that is an as thick and as heavy gauge as possible.

Why So? Two words – heat retention.

Heat retention is the single most important feature you have to look for in an offset smoker. Heavy gauge metal means that heat is not lost to the atmosphere, which allows for better and more even efficient cooking.

If you live somewhere cold, it is very easy for heat to escape from the cooker out into the atmosphere. If you’ve got a cooker with robust, sturdy metal though, it will stand its ground against rain, snow, winds and all sorts of weather conditions trying their best to slow your cooking down.

Heavy metal will also prevent the cooker from warping over time.

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2. High-Quality Seals

You don’t want your smoker to leak out that oh-so-essential heat and smoke. Not only will this require you to use more fuel, if the heat and smoke leak out, but it might also make the whole place smell.

Need to know in Offset Smoker

Check all doors and entry points to ensure there are no gaps or chances of leakage. Quality seals ensure temperature control and smoke retention.

3. Temperature Control

Speaking of temperature, gone are the days where you control the temperature by intuition alone. Having no temperature control is akin to cooking blind.

Having adequate temperature control is paramount to cooking the best of meals, exactly how you want it. Also, it’s convenient. You wouldn’t want to check the temperature by opening up the lid every time and seeing how well your steaks are cooking.

4. Dampers

Another offset smoker characteristic you need to keep in mind are dampers. Get a cooker which has dampers that seal well and are also equally easy to slide.

What are the most important offset smoker features

They are essential in controlling the heat and smoke levels inside the cooking chamber. They should be easily adjustable to get that perfect temperature. Crisp, not burnt!

5. Durability

This one’s a no brainer. Get a cooker which feels sturdy so that it lasts you a long time. Get one with strong legs, wheels, and hinges.

This doesn’t just protect against wear and tear but also keeps things safe – you don’t want to set fire to your lawn accidentally by the legs collapsing.

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6. Protective Cover

Even if you have someplace indoors where you can store your barbecue, it’s best to invest in a cover as well. This will keep it dry, protect it from water, dampness and basically, prolong its lifetime.

Offset Smoker Features - Need to know before you buy

Most manufacturers have matching covers for all their offset smokers.

7. Warranty

A bit of tender loving care is all it takes to keep your offset smoker functioning well for many years. But if you get one with a warranty, you can set your mind at ease and never have to worry about manufacturing defects.

Final Words

Well, that concludes our guide on what features are an absolute must in offset smokers. Make sure the offset smoker you’re setting out to buy has all of the features mentioned above and we guarantee, you’ll get a good number of tasty barbecues out of it.

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