Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker Review

Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker Review 

If you follow our articles closely, you know we are obsessed with finding the best smokers in the market. By the fact that you are reading this Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker review, you already know that the product is worth your time and money.  

We have tested some of the top rated smokers in the market. But, most of those were mechanical smokers. Meaning, you had to put in some manual effort to obtain the desired smoky result on your meat.

The Bradley Digital smoker, however, is fully automatic. It represents the true expression of "set it and forget about it." It is that simple to use the Bradley digital smoker. But what most people want to know is how effective is it in smoking foods?

Well, we will talk about that later.

If this is your first time hearing about this brand,  you might also be wondering if this smoker brand is reliable. However, I can personally claim that Bradley Smoker is a trustworthy name in the BBQ cooking industry. They have a name for manufacturing some of the best smokers as well as smoking accessories. Moreover, their smokers in specific are known for their straightforward and simple operation.   

So, back to the Bradley Digital 4 rack smoker!

What makes this digital smoker a total joy to work with, and why should you consider buying it?

Here is our complete review of the Bradley 4 Rack Digital Smoker.

Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker Review - Why we rate it as one of the best electric smokers!   

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Some of the key features of the Bradley Digital Smoker are as follows –

Simple and fully automated controls 

The key benefit of the Bradley digital smoker is its easy-to-use automatic controls. With most smokers and grills, it is expected of you to maintain an even temperature. Or it needs you to stay close to the smoker when you are using it. 

This flaw is not the case for the Bradley 4 rack smoker.

With this smoker, you can set the temperature to the level you like, initiate the timer, and leave it. The smoker does everything else on its own from start to finish. So, unless you wish to make sure every small detail of smoking your meat is perfect, this electric cooker does it all for you.   

The controls are straightforward to use as well. In fact, so easy, even a beginner can master the controls without any problems.

The unique timer settings allow you to manage the cooking time, so you don't have to worry about overcooking or under cooking the food as well.

With the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker, you get the ability to set the smoker time separately. This feature aids the cooker to keep the heat running even after the smoke runs out, which is useful for long cooking sessions such as when preparing pork butt, or briskets.   

Moreover, it even features a large LCD screen, which lets you keep an eye on the temperature and control it with ease.

Elegant and user-friendly design 

Apart from its easy to use and simplified automatic controls, the smoker has a design that will make your outdoor BBQ easy. The Bradley 4 rack digital smoker consists of two separate parts – the smoking compartment and the digital control housing.

The smoking oven has ample space of 520 sq. Inches. Now, the cooking space might not sound spacious on papers. But, in reality, it is more than enough to take care of your everyday BBQ needs. The smoker also has four large grilling racks that can comfortably hold two full turkeys at one go.

A unique design element of the Bradly smoker is the second unit that acts both as a digital controller and a bisquette feeder. The whole controller board is well-laid out, and you can easily set different temperature and timer settings.

The wood bisquette feeder is where the design gets complicated. Usually, you would have to add the wood chips or pellets by opening the oven door. However, in this case, you can simply add the bisquettes on the hopper.

The motor will automatically adjust and drop the bisquettes on the heating segment. Thus, removing the need for you to feed the wood bisquettes on your own.     

What's even better? The wood bisquettes come in different flavor options like apple, hickory, and cherry. So, if you want to add an apple-flavored smoke to your chicken, it's just a bisquette away.    

However, one drawback worth mentioning is that the smoker can only use Bradley's bisquettes. So, you cannot go around feeding the hopper with the regular wood chips or chunks. This means you should always keep a good stock of Bradley's wood bisquettes every time.  

Excellent interior insulation

One of the most common problems that almost every smoking oven has is the leak in smoke, because of poor insulation. And yes, in reality, it is not possible to keep the cooking interior entirely free of a smoke leak. 

However, proper insulation plays a crucial role in keeping the majority of smoke within the cooking compartment.

During our long hours of testing, the Bradley smoker did not show any significant signs of temperature fluctuations. The smoke was also kept well inside the smoker. And the degree of smoky flavor that we obtained from the meat was proof of that.

You will hardly notice any temperature fluctuations during the entire process of smoking the food. So, you don't need to keep adjusting the temperature level constantly.

What helps, even more, is that the in-built thermostat is accurate as well. In most cases, we end up needing an extra thermostat to make sure the smoker is showing the right readings.

So, in addition to excellent interior insulation, you also have an efficient in-built thermostat that displays an accurate temperature.   

Good build quality 

If the build quality of a smoker is crucial to you, you will certainly like the quality of work. The manufacturers made it from a premium-grade material that makes sure you get the best quality inside and out.

The exterior features a powder epoxy steel that gives it a stylish look. It is undoubtedly a piece of equipment you can feel proud of when you put it out in your backyard. The interior also has polished stainless steel construction, which is both reliable and easy to clean as well.

The stainless steel material on the interior is especially helpful in resisting the high temperature, and also for insulating the heat as well.  

The overall weight of the smoker comes to just about 40 pounds, which is much lighter than most other smoking ovens. But, it is worth noting that the smoker does not have in-built casters. So, you might have to get a little innovative to install casters and increase its portability.

Overall, the unit feels sturdy and durable. You should not face any significant problems with it. 

Great Smoking Results

Time to address the elephant in the room: how good is Bradley Smoker in the real-world application?

Well, you can take a sigh of relief. The Bradley smoker does what it is supposed to do with minimal effort. So, in brief, yes! The Bradley Smoker will give you excellent value for your money.

The excellent smoking feature of the Bradley Smoker is because of the combination of an excellent sealing along with an efficient heating and smoking system.    

The door has dependable sealing that prevents smoke from escaping the smoking compartment. It traps most of the heat and smoke, which is essential for obtaining a juicy and smoky piece of meat. The Bradley Smoker can reach the maximum temperature of up to 320°F. This makes it ideal for shorter smokes.

Another unique feature of the Bradley smoker is its capability to handle cold smoking.

Cold smoking, as the name suggests, means to smoke the meat without using the normal hot smoke. This type of smoking is ideal for slow and long cooking or just any food that does not require high temperature.



  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Automatic hopper system
  • Spacious smoking space
  • Exceptional smoking performance
  • Wide range of cooking temperature 
  • You can only use their bisquettes for smoking   
  • It tends to produce excessive smoke
  • The in-built thermostat does not give the most accurate readings

How to choose the Digital Smoker?

By now, you have a clear idea of what to expect from the Bradley Digital smokers. But, if you decide to check out other Bradley digital smoker reviews, here are some essential buying tips.


Look for a smoker that provides the right balance of performance along with reasonable pricing. Make sure you don't end up paying a very high price for a reasonably average smoker. There are many smokers at different price categories, so make sure you stay price-conscious.


Usually, electric smokers have very low mobility. But some smokers provide handy features such as casters and handles that make them easy to move around. A lightweight smoker is also ideal for helping you move it around your back porch as well.

Basic temperature controls

If you are going to get an electric smoker, you might as well get one that has all the convenient features. Features like digital temperature control, timer setting, and also the option to switch between smoke and heat are incredibly crucial.


It is always best to check online reviews before you purchase any smokers online. Smokers are not a cheap investment, and you do not buy them every day. As such, a wrong unit can set you back by a considerable amount. Not to forget the inconvenience of having to replace/refund the product as well.  

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking to get a smoker that can take care of both your smoking and grilling needs, the Bradley 4 rack digital smoker is the ideal unit. The smoker also produces one of the best performances in terms of providing an authentic smoky flavor.

The smoker is all about flavors. So, if you want a smoker that can cook you a tender and smoky meat, you don't have to think twice. It is also ideal for beginner smokers who wish to maximize results with the least BBQ experience due to its many convenient features.