Smoked Beef - Smoked Beef Fillet Recipe

Easy Smoked Beef Fillet Recipe

Are you looking for a good and easy-to-follow smoked beef fillet recipe? We got you covered here!

I cannot stress enough, that simplicity is the key when it comes to smoking beef. And it really doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or if you are a pit master, beef is great without all of the fancy spices.

Sometimes, all you need is a great piece of meat, a few essential spices and your favorite smoker of course.

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Smoked Beef Fillet Recipe

I like taking my inspiration from great books and videos. This recipe is a smoked beef fillet recipe is inspired by the Smoking Meat by Will Fleischman. 


Although I regularly tweak all of the recipes to suit my personal taste, in this case, I have made an exception. I followed this simple recipe to a tee and it paid off.

  • 1.5 tbsp coarse sea salt
  • 1 tbsp coarsely ground black pepper
  • 1/5 tbsp garlic powder
  • 1/5 tbsp onion powder

Eye Fillet Marinate - Smoked Beef Fillet Recipe


Step One

Make sure to be friends with the local butcher, so you can get the best cut of beef fillet possible. 

Eye Fillet - Smoked Beef Fillet Recipe


Step Two

Rub the fillet generously and leave to marinate for approx 45 minutes uncovered in room temperature.

Eye Fillet - Marinated - Smoked Beef Fillet Recipe


Step Three

Build your fire approximately 1 hour before smoking. That way you can prepare your fire and stabilize the temperature to the desired level.

Start the Fire


Step Four

Ensure that your temperature stabilizes to 250 F (120 C) and try to keep it steady all the way throughout the smoke.

Set up the Probes

I am always using my iChef thermometer by Maverick. This way I can easily monitor the temperature via the easy-to-follow cell phone app. 


Step Five

In my case, I have tested out different cuts of meat in the smoker together. More the merrier, right?

Smoked Beef Fillet Recipe

Place one probe in the center of the beef fillet and one on the cooking grate of the smoker, using the clip provided with the probes.

This way you can monitor both, the temperature of the smoking beef fillet and the temperature inside the cooking chamber at the meat level. 


Step Six

Your smoked beef fillet will be ready to eat at 145 F, however, the meat will be rare. If you are patient and wait till the internal temperature of the fillet reaches 160 F, you will enjoy the perfect medium smoked beef fillet on your fork.

Smoked Beef - Smoked Beef Fillet Recipe


Step Seven

Being a very lean piece of meat, smoked beef fillet only needs 10 minutes of resting time uncovered in the room temperature and it is ready to be sliced.

Smoked Beef - Smoked Eye Fillet - Ready to Eat


Final words

I hope you enjoyed this easy smoked beef fillet recipe just like we did! This one was finger-licking good! Now just need to get some more beef on my fork.

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