Traeger vs Yoder

Traeger vs Yoder Grill Review – Which is the Best?

Traeger and Yoder Grills are two of the most popular choice of grills in the market at present. Even if you aren't a huge fan of grilling meat, chances are, you might have already heard the name from your friends or family members. 

And, well, it's all for the right reasons!

These are the two brands that have gained a significant reputation due to their line of high-end smokers. Their smokers are among the top-selling units in the market at present. More importantly, both the Yoder and the Traeger Grills come feature-packed. 

In any scenario choosing any of the brands over their other competitors is a no-brainer. 

But, if you were to choose between them...  

Now, that needs some serious thinking.

So, which brand should you choose, and why? 

We will give you a comprehensive side-by-side comparison to help you decide which premium brand of smokers you should go for between Traeger vs Yoder Grills.  

But, before we jump to the comparison section, here is a brief overview of both the brands. 

Traeger Grills 

Traeger Grills are the true pioneers of pellet smokers. They have been in the market for the longest, and are the most reputed amongst a sea of smoker brands. When it comes to the sheer quality of the smoker, there are no other brands that do it better. 

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Their price range is higher compared to most of the other brands. But, their high-end performance and reliable quality more than make up for the amount you shell out. Traeger Smokers are an ideal investment if you are looking for a smoker that can last long and provide optimal performance. 

Yoder Grills 

Yoder Grills is a classic example of how a proper modern-day smoker should look and feel. It is safe to say that Yoder Grills is one of the only few prodigies of Traeger Grills that has managed to out-scale its expectations. 

Yoder Grills are not your typical backyard smokers. Instead, they are a full-blown smoking cooker ideal for big BBQ competitions and events. They have some of the most prominent smokers in the market, and they are built like a tank as well. 

Traeger Grill Vs Yoder Grills - Full Comparison 

In this section, we will break-down some of the critical aspects of both the Traeger and the Yoder Grills. The comparison of these features side-by-side will give you a clear image of what you can expect from their respective products. 


Pricing plays a crucial role when you are planning to equip your backyard with a barbecue smoker. The number of choices in the market is so vast you can get a suitable smoker at almost any price category. Hence, it becomes necessary to invest in a smoker that will give you the best value. 

In terms of pricing, both the Traeger and the Yoder Grills qualify as premium brands. But, Traeger gives you a more flexible option. Their smokers are priced between $400 and $1800. 

Meanwhile, Yoder Grills are significantly more expensive. Their base backyard smokers start from $999, while their premium trailer-mounted smokers cost up to $16,000. 

Build Quality 

Both the Traeger and the Yoder Grills boast of providing the cutting edge construction when it comes to their build quality. In fact, their superior build material is one of the reasons why they are priced so noticeably higher than most other brands. 

Their smokers are built using premium-grade stainless steel material, both inside and out. So, durability is not an issue on either brand. However, some of the entry-level Traeger smokers come with a lower grade of build quality. So, if you want a smoker that will last, you may want to steer clear of those low-end smokers.

Overall, the build quality of both the Traeger and the Yoder smokers are very similar. Their units are incredibly rigid and durable, far better than the rest of the competition. 

Ease of use 

The ease of use is another crucial area of interest for both the premium brands. The digital control comes standard in all the models of both the Traeger and the Yoder Grills. The controls are straightforward, and the temperature readings are quite accurate as well. 

Both the Yoder and the Traeger Grills do not require frequent monitoring, and you can easily control the temperature. The temperature once set maintains a consistent heat, unlike other cheap smokers. 

The auger mechanism that automatically feeds the pellet to the igniter is available on both the Traeger and the Yoder smokers. The easy temperature controls, along with an efficient auger system, makes the entire operation completely hassle-free and straightforward. 

Temperature control

Both the Yoder and the Traeger Grills offer advanced and efficient temperature controls. Both the brands being premium do not make any compromises on this aspect. 

Yoder uses its signature Adaptive Control System with proprietary code. This system offers exceptional flexibility and accuracy when it comes to maintaining a consistent smoking temperature. 

Traeger Grills, on the other hand, uses a D2 PID controller. This specific controller enjoys an excellent reputation for providing a stable temperature (+/- 5°F). 

Also, the distinctive TRU convection system on the Timberline range claims to offer 20% more cooking speed. This system gives Traeger smoker a clear edge over its counterpart. 

Smoking performance 

If you are looking for a premium brand that can offer the highest quality of smoking meat, both the Traeger and the Yoder will not disappoint you in any manner. The quality of smoked food that comes out of the smokers is of the highest quality.

However, they both cater to a different audience. If you want to host a typical outdoor barbecue party, the Traeger grill smoker will offer the ideal performance. 

However, if you are thinking more along the line of competitive smoking, Yoder is the obvious choice. The overall quality of smoking is also better with Yoder smokers. 

But, again, you have to keep in mind their substantial price difference.

More models Available 

Availability is another aspect where you can see a significant difference. Traeger Grills is a more familiar brand, which means you can get their products almost everywhere. 

One of the most significant drawbacks of the Yoder Grill is that their products are not listed on Amazon and a few other popular market places. So, purchasing a Yoder Smoker may not be as convenient as you would usually like, however, you can purchase one of their grills directly from them. Doing so has it's own benefits such as better support and often times lower prices.

Also, the number of models of the Traeger Grills is more as compared to the Yoder Grills. So, you get more options for Traeger smokers at different price points. 

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WI-Fi Connectivity 

Wi-Fi is the latest feature addition that every high-end brand is packing with its smokers. Wi-Fi feature allows you to connect the smoker with your smartphone via a dedicated app. This feature allows you to control the temperature of the smoker from your phone. 

Both the Traeger and the Yoder Grills have this feature only with their premium line of smokers. For Yoder, the Wi-Fi feature is available exclusively on their YS series of smokers. Meanwhile, the same function on the Traeger Grills is exclusive only in the Timberline series. 

Grilling Capacity

The smoking capacity of the Traeger Grill is lesser than that of Yoder Grills. But, considering that Yoder Grills focuses on competitive smoking tier, the superior capacity is justifiable. 

The Timberline series of smokers, which is the top model of Traeger Grills, has adequate capacity of 850 sq. Inches. 

On the other hand, the much famous YS40s smoker of the Yoder Grills has a large capacity of 1,070 sq. Inches. 

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons of Traeger Grills



  • Incredible value for money. 
  • It features the TRU convection system. 
  • Traeger Grills usually have a premium build quality. 
  • It has a wider temperature control range. 
  • You can find more models available online.
  • Not ideal for competitive smoking. 
  • Provides less cooking space overall.

Pros & Cons of Yoder Grills



  • Yoder grills also offer impressive build quality.
  • They offer class-leading smoking performance with their products.
  • Their grills typically offer a good temperature control range.
  • They usually have a much higher price tag.
  • Harder to find models available online.

With the pros and cons, you should be able to easily see which model is better to buy. However, if you still need more clarity, we suggest buying a model if it fits the criteria below:

Consider Traeger Grills smokers if – 

  • You do not want to shell out thousands of bucks on a smoking grill
  • You are not planning to enter any smoking competitions 
  • You want your food/meat to get smoked quicker 
  • You want more smoker options that are easily available

Consider Yoder Grills smokers if – 

  • You don't mind spending a bulky amount for a premium smoker
  • You require a competition-grade smoker 
  • You need a copious cooking/smoking space 
  • You want to experience the highest quality of barbecue smoking

Final thoughts 

Both the Traeger and the Yoder Grills are an excellent choice of smoker grills. They are, without a doubt, two of the best smoking grill brands in the market at present. So, purchasing any smoker from either of the brands will not disappoint you in any manner. 

But, eventually, it comes down to which brand offers the best overall performance for its price value. Yoder Grills is steps ahead of the competition, especially in terms of performance and durability. But their jaw-dropping price tag and limited availability make it more challenging to choose. 

If you want something that packs a good balance of smoking performance and a reasonable price tag, we recommend the Traeger Grills.