Green Mountain vs Traeger

Green Mountain Vs Traeger: A Detailed Comparison

If you are in the market trying to purchase a high-end grill like Green Mountain Grill and Traeger Pellet grills, you may soon realize that the number of options is uncountable. Every brand claims to offer something superior and unique from its competitors, and that only makes things worse for you. 

So if you are not familiar with the essential features of a modern smoking cooker, then choosing between the Green Mountain vs Traeger will be hard.

Green Mountain Grills and Traeger Grills are two amazing brands that are often compared against each other. They both offer some of the best high-end grills in the market, making for a compelling purchase option. 

Both brands are already a household name when it comes to offering premium grills and grills. But, unless you have a stack of hidden fortune, you will have to choose between the two brands. 

So, in a battle of premium Grill brands, which one should get your hard-earned money? 

In this article, we will give you an in-depth comparison of Green Mountain Grill Vs Traeger Pellet Grills. The comparison will help you to identify the differences, so you can ultimately decide which brand of the grill is better for you. 

But, before jumping to the in-depth comparison analysis, here is a brief overview of the two brands. 

Traeger Grills 

Traeger Grills is the benchmark of quality premium grills in the industry. There is probably not a single soul that can argue with the statement. They are the true pioneers of manufacturing a modern-day barbecue grill.

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Traeger has been around for a well over 30 years, so it's no surprise that their grills are usually miles ahead of the competition. People just don't call Traeger Grills the King of pellet grills for nothing.  So, in terms of sheer quality, it is safe to say that there are not many grill brands that can hold a candle against Traeger Grills. 

Green Mountain Grills 

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Green mountain grills are one the only few brands that have managed to carve out a unique niche for itself. They are relatively new to the grilling market – at least when compared to the likes of Traeger Grills. 

In terms of quality, the Green Mountain Grills keeps up with the standard of a premium grill as well. They have gained immense popularity in the market, and that is mainly due to one specific reason – pricing.

The aggressive pricing is their main highlight, and also something that makes them one of the most preferred pellet smoking brands. 

Green Mountain Grill vs Traeger - In Depth Comparison of the Top Grill Makers

Let's get into a comprehensive comparison between traeger vs green mountain. 

The comparison will focus on all the key features of both pellet grills. So, you can get a crystal clear perspective of both the brands and make the ideal decision.

Pricing Comparison between Traeger vs GMG

Pricing plays a crucial role when you're drawing comparisons between two similar units. It ultimately comes down to which brand offers the better value for money. 

Ironically, in this case, the price point is the main aspect that differentiates the Traeger from a Green Mountain Grill. With Traeger Grills, the price tag is unapologetically premium. Their entry-level products usually start from ~$400 and go up to a whopping $2000 at the time of publishing this comparison of traeger vs green mountain grills.

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Green Mountain Grills, on the other hand, provides a more pocket-friendly option. Their entry-level Davy Crockett grill starts from about $300+, while their premium grill sells for around $900+ at the time of publishing this article. However, prices are subject to change often, so there may be differences when you check online.

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The build quality is another stronghold of both the Traeger and the Green Mountain Grills. Both brands offer top-notch construction material that ensures impressive durability. 

Moreover, they both use premium-grade steel material for their grills body construction, both inside and out. The quality of build material for both the brands far exceeds other products in the market. In brief, you don't have to worry about the durability of grills from either brand.

Grilling performance

Grill lines

The grilling performance of both the Traeger and the Green Mountain Grill is awe-inspiring. Both the brands are considered premium in their own rights, so smoking your food should not be of any issue. 

They both support wide temperature variation that allows you to cook your food low and slow or high and fast. In brief, the grills give you the option to either grill or smoke – at least, the higher-end variants. 

However, the Green Mountain grill fairs a little better if you look specifically at the grilling performance. The sense-mate thermal sensing mechanism on the Green Mountain Grills prevent the meat from burning/overcooking. 

Ease of Use 

Both the Traeger and the Green Mountain are extremely easy and straightforward to use. You won't find any other brand that offers the equivalent level of convenience and ease that these products provide. 

It is as easy as "setting it and forgetting it." The temperature on their respective grills is regulated automatically, and they are entirely accurate as well. 

The intelligent auger system on both the brand's grill saves you the trouble of having to check the temperature manually. In both cases, minimal effort is required from your side as the grills pretty much operate automatically. 

Temperature Variation 

The temperature variation is significant as it determines the range/versatility of a pellet grill. The heat variation determines if the unit is just a smoker or a grilling smoker. Fortunately, both the Traeger and the Green Mountain offers a wide range of temperature control. 

With a Green Mountain Grill, you get the option to control your temperature settings from the lowest 150°F to the maximum 500°F. On the other hand, Traeger Grills, or at least the one used in this case, offers a slightly lower temperature variation from the lowest 170°F to the highest 400°F. 

However, both grills handle high-temperature grilling quite easily. They also come with a digital temperature display, which makes it extremely convenient for you to monitor the heat. 

Cooking space 

If you are looking for ample cooking space, Traeger Grills has the edge over Green Mountain Grills. This edge is simply because grills from Traeger generally provide larger cooking space ranging from 300 to 1300 sq. Inches. Meanwhile, Green Mountain Grills usually have a smaller cooking space, which ranges from a mere 200 to 750 sq. Inches. 


On the portability front, both the Traeger and the Green Mountain Grills are equal. They have identical weights, but the Green Mountain is slightly smaller and lighter as well. 

All the standard grill series come with the in-built caster option, so it is effortless to move them around your backyard. Moreover, the Davy Crockett grill series from Green Mountain comes with a foldable leg, making it even simpler to carry it around. So when comparing portability between Green Mountain vs Traeger there is no real clear winner.

Wi-Fi support 

If convenience is important to you, you will appreciate the availability of the Wi-Fi feature on both the Traeger and the Green Mountain Grills. The Wi-Fi feature enables you to connect your smartphone with the grill and control the temperature remotely. 

However, it is essential to note that cheaper variants of the Traeger grills do not come with the feature. Green Mountain Grills, on the other hand, has a standard Wi-Fi feature on all their grills. 


Warranty is another field where the Traeger and the Green Mountain Grill shines. Being a premium brand, they both offer up to three (3) years of warranty. 

Number of grill options 

When it comes to the number of grill options, Traeger Grills is miles ahead of Green Mountain Grills. 

Traeger Grills offer a wide range of products under different price categories. Meanwhile, the Green Mountain only has three standard models.  

Pros & Cons

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Pros of Traeger Grills


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent versatility (suiting up to 6 cooking styles)
  • Consistent temperature control
  • Premium build quality
  • Decent smoking space
  • High price tag
  • Wi-Fi control not available in all models

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Pros of GMG

Cons of GMG

  • Excellent value for money 
  • Standard Wi-Fi feature in all models
  • Wide temperature range 
  • Good built quality
  • Versatile cooking style 
  • Easy to use
  • Less cooking space than traeger grills.
  • Fewer models of grills (only 3)

By this time, you might already have a winner in your head. But, for a more efficient decision, consider the following prospects: 

Consider buying a Traeger Grills if – 

  • You require a top-notch grill, and you don't want to go cheap. Traeger is the best premium grill you can find in the market. 
  • Brand value is important to you. There is no other name you can trust more than Traeger Grills. 
  • Paying a premium price is not a problem.
  • You need a grill that can handle a wide array of cooking styles.

Consider buying a Green Mountain Grill if – 

  • You want a high-end grill at relatively lower pricing.
  • You want a Wi-Fi feature to ensure easy control.
  • You want wide temperature control.
  • Your BBQ needs are moderate (in terms of quantity)

Final thoughts 

Both the Traeger and the Green Mountain make for a convincing purchase option. They are probably two of the best grill brands in the market at present. So, investing in either of the two brands will give you an excellent return of value.

But, it ultimately comes down to which brand offers more for its price tag. And this where the Green Mountain Grills comes off as a better option than its counterpart. They are more future-proof (Wi-Fi feature), and more importantly, you get all the equivalent features of a Traeger Grill as well. 

So, ultimately the Green Mountain Grill makes for a more sensible and efficient choice among the two brands.