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Top 10 Best Smoked Beef Roast Recipe Options for 2020!

Are you looking for the best-smoked beef roast recipe? With the help of some of the best recipe creators from America and from around the world, I bring you the top 10 smoked beef roast recipes under one roof! Now you can fire up your vertical offset smokers and get cooking!

Check them out and click through to the links below the descriptions for the full recipes. Happy smoking guys!

Best smoked beef roast recipe options

Top 10 Best Smoked Beef Roast Recipe Options

Here are the best-smoked beef roast recipes that I could find on the net. These recipes have been created by some of the well known smoked beef enthusiasts and pitmasters. Got to love some good old beef on your fork!

Here are the top 10 smoked beef recipes:

1. Smoked Beef Roast Recipe


Smoked Beef Roast
(Photo sourced from

Who doesn’t like the Worcestershire sauce and smoked paprika? Isn’t this just a perfect combination for creating delicious and juicy smoked beef? The answer is of course yes! Guys from are geniuses when it comes to good food and you must give it a go.

You can check out the full recipe on their site here:

2. Smoked And Pulled Beef Chuck Roast Recipe

by Clint Cantwell from

Pulled Roast Beef Recipe
(Photo sourced from the

I love this recipe by Clint Cantwell! He is using a great rub called Big Bad Beef Rub and kosher salt to prep the meat. Man, this meat looks so good! As Clint says, this style of smoked beef is great for nachos, tacos, pulled beef sandwiches, potato bakes and much more! Great job and a succulent result!

You can check out the full recipe on their site here:

3. Barbecue Smoked Beef Chuck Recipe


Barbecue Chuck Beef
(Photo sourced from

This barbecue chuck beef looks and tastes divine!  Talk about good old Texas-style BBQ, you got it right here! The guys from Serious Eats are on top of their game here and provide you with a thorough recipe with all the step-by-step of how to get there.

You can check out the full recipe on their site here:

4. Smoking Beef Roast – Easy & Quick Recipe

by Adam from

Quick and Easy Smoked Beef Roast
(Photo sourced from

This recipe is awesome! So simple and delicious. The marinade includes garlic, paprika, cumin, chilly, oregano and a little more. I have made this in my smoker and it was finger-licking good! The colors, the aroma and the flavor of the meat when it was done, simply to die for!

You can check out the full recipe on their site here:

5. Smoked Top Sirloin Roast Beef Recipe

by Steve Cylka

Smoked Sirloin Roast
(Photo sourced from

Now, this little beauty was rubbed down with the Montreal spice rub and to top it off it was smoked using mesquite wood chips. Yum! The meat is falling apart. It is juicy, tender and delicious. Steve’s recipe is the bomb and deserves to be in every top 10 list of smoked beef roasts.

You can check out the full recipe on their site here:

6. Smoked Pulled Beef Chuck Roast Recipe

by Susie Bulloch from

This is an example of smoked pulled beef from a smoked chuck roast done extremely well! What better way to see what this one is all about than by watching the above video!

You can check out the full recipe on their site here:

7. Texas Style Smoked Brisket Recipe

by Christopher Testani from

Texas Style Smoked Brisket
(Photo sourced from

I love smoking with Hickory and Oak wood chips. This is a Texas-style brisket smoked to perfection with a subtle smokey flavor of Hickory. Is there anything better? Well, not really! Christopher has created a masterpiece right here for us and you must try it at home!

You can check out the full recipe on their site here:

8. Smoked Tri Tip Steak Recipe

by Jess Pryles from

Smoked Tri Tip Steak
(Photo sourced from

Jess is a hardcore carnivore just like me and her recipes are awesome and always delicious! As you can see, the meat is super juicy, tender, and is looking finger-licking good! Now it’s your turn to get on smoking and try to recreate Jess’s masterpiece!

You can check out the full recipe on their site here:

9. Smoked, Spice Rubbed, Texas-Style Brisket Recipe

by Bobby Flay from

Spice Rubbed Brisket
(Photo sourced from

I know that this is a small photo of the smoked brisket, but the meat is full pack with great flavor! That is why the recipe is on my top 10 list. Some of the ingredients include the smoke Spanish paprika, mustard seeds, coriander and celery seeds and the ancho chile powder. Man, this meat is good!

You can check out the full recipe on their site here:

10. Smoky Beef Roast Recipe


Smokey Beef Roast
(Photo sourced from

The guys from Smoke Grill BBQ created this great recipe for us using a good old beef broth and beer to marinate, give flavor to the beef. To keep it the meat moist and tender, an aluminum foil tray was used to keep the juices in. Simple, easy, and awesome at the same time!

You can check out the full recipe on their site here:

Final Verdict:

Is there anything better then smoked meat!? I love all of the above recipes and I recommend that you try them all as you go.  I have and I cannot fault them! These truly are the best of the best for this year for me.

If you have any more recipes that you would like to share, feel free to pop a comment below!

Project Smoked Best Roast Beef Options

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